Therapy for Adults

Your experiences and goals determine the types of treatments we provide

The types of treatments we provide for you are based on your experience and goals. Whether your challenges are emotionally based, or relate to your belief system and patterns of reaction, we always deliver your treatments with a compassionate approach.

Your first session

At your first session, we’ll look at what you’ve been experiencing, and how that’s affecting your life. Your goals are important, as they form a basis for the types of treatments we’ll use.

Think of this session as a time of discovery. We discover what you’ve been experiencing, and for how long. What a change would mean to you. How you’d like to feel.

Your healing journey

Based on what we discover in your first session, we select the types of treatments that will be most likely to resonate with you, and plan your healing journey.

At all times during your healing process, we’ll support you. So if you encounter any issues, we’ll help you to overcome them. And as you complete each phase of your healing, we’ll carefully review it so you’re able to cross that finish line and achieve your goals.