Therapy for Children

Our therapies for young children depend on their age and characteristics

Before we see a child, we meet with their parents to find out what’s happening with their child, and why they have concerns. We use this information to help us create a tailored program that’s appropriate for their child’s age and needs.

First Consultation

Parents of a young child usually attend the first consultation alone, so they can discuss their concerns openly with us. They can see our welcoming environment, so they feel comfortable about us treating their child. And it also gives us the chance to find out the types of therapies that could work for their child.

Meeting the child

When we first meet a young child, their parents will bring them in, and we make sure their child feels comfortable with us. We then see the child on their own to make an assessment, and work out their treatment plan. Our Clinical Psychologist has years of experience treating young children and knows just how to put them at ease.


Our treatment plan for a child could involve toys, games, art, and music, depending on the child’s age and their characteristics. We discuss ways that parents can support and help their child during their treatment. We also ask them to observe their child’s progress and give us feedback, so we can determine the effectiveness of the treatment.